Limited Edition Umeshiso x Leaderboard Cupping Spoons

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Y'all asked and we listened! 🌈✨🥄

We approached the spoon sovereign themself to produce a small run of limited edition 'little dipper' LeaderboardxUmeshiso rainbow spoons made for our players. You are the only ones who have access to purchase this first run, and we'll slip your purchase into your S5 box, shipping in a matter of days! 😍

You have two options to purchase:

1 x Rainbow LeaderboardxUmeshiso Little Dipper
2 x Goth Black Umeshiso Little Dipper (non-branded)

1 x Rainbow LeaderboardxUmeshiso Little Dipper

*please be aware that the cupping set is 1 x Collab spoon and 2 x regular Umeshiso spoons (non-branded) so we could keep the cost lower on a set for you! 


!IMPORTANT= note that these spoons are only available to add to your order until Sunday, January 16th at 11:59PM EST before we print shipping labels.