Leaderboard is a collaboration between The Roasters Pack + Culture Coffee Project, aka Suneal Pabari + Grant Gamble.

Suneal runs coffee subscriptions and Grant creates experiences in the coffee space.


We believe that learning about coffee should be fun, not intimidating.

Our goal is to educate enthusiasts, challenge professionals, and bring the community together through coffee.


Grant and Suneal have been working in the coffee industry for a combined three decades (they are huge coffee nerds). They had always wanted to create something meaningful together but couldn't find the time between their respective projects.

In late 2020, Suneal approached Grant with the idea for a subscription based coffee competition that could be engaged with at home, opposed to performing on stage in front of friends and peers. The two of them took the idea from concept to real-life-arcade-game in three months and sold out their first four seasons.

Less than a year later, Leaderboard is played in over 50 countries by enthusiasts and professionals alike.

For press inquiries email: contact [at] leaderboard.coffee


We are privileged to work in the coffee industry and showcase the hard work of so many across the value stream.

We try to give back by providing open-source coffee education and offering scholarships to marginalized individuals who may not otherwise have the chance to play Leaderboard and learn.