SPONSOR a Scholarship for LEADERBOARD: The Coffee Game

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Specialty coffee has a lot of barriers to entry. Access to coffee, brewing gear, education and competitions can be expensive.

With your support we can help give budding coffee professionals the tools to empower themselves through improving their sensory skills and joining our global community.

Scholarship fellows will receive free access to LEADERBOARD: The Coffee Game (Season 6) + educational tools + promotion through our network!


This is not a recurring payment.


Each season of Leaderboard contains:

> 10 x 60g Bags of Coffee
> 1 x Tasting Journal
> 1 x Instruction Card
> 1 x Quiz Format
> 1 x Sachet of Third Wave Water
> Electronic Submission Instructions
> A Chance at Thousands in Prizes
> Access to Coach Videos
> Access to Community Discord Channel