Mike Strumpf
Swiss Water Decaf


Mike Strumpf is going to help you understand how decaffeination works and how to identify coffees processed this way.

Mike Strumpf is the Director of Coffee for @swisswater Decaffeinated Coffee Inc. just outside of Vancouver, BC. He is a Licensed Q Grader, the past Education Coordinator for @sca_canada, an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST) in Green Coffee and Sensory, a member of the Coffee Skills Program (CSP) Green Coffee Creators Group, past chair of the SCA Barista, and a Head Judge for the World Barista Championship.

Morgan Farnell
Notepad Coffee


"My name is Morgan Farnell. I am 10 years old, started making coffee when I was one and a half, have judged latte art competitions and called out the final scores at the 2019 Cup Tasters Championship. I own a business called Notepad Coffee, which you can find on Instagram at @notepadcoffee and on Youtube at Morgan Farnell. I also have been learning to code for the past 2 years and have been learning French. Also, my parents own a business called @eightouncecoffee, which allows me to get epic new equipment and then review it on Instagram and Youtube. See you in my next video!"

Morgan will walk you through a cupping and his personal tips on identifying decaffeinated coffee 🧐👅☕


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