Vancouver Regional AeroPress Championship - Backseat Gamer (Spectator)

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Leaderboard + Nemesis Coffee + The Roasters Pack presents the 2022 Toronto Regional AeroPress Championship!

DATE: Friday, October 7th, 2022
LOCATION: Nemesis Coffee GNW, 555 Great Northern Way, Vancouver, BC V5T 1E1
DOORS: 530PM. First round at 6PM.

The price is "pay what you want" - all funds help cover the costs of organizing this event. 


  • Watch 27 players do battle with their plastic brewers in a fast-paced elimination tournament
  • Play Leaderboard: The Coffee Game live. Taste mystery coffees roasted by Nemesis Coffee, submit your guesses and win prizes.
  • Food and Drinks by Nemesis Coffee. $5 Drinks. Tasty plates are $5-$10.
  • Music by East Blvd Records

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